Wet Sanding Patina - Barn Find Plymouth

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Wet Sanding Patina - Barn Find Plymouth

Should you wet-sand patina??

People are torn over if you should leave patina alone, or if you should clean it up and wet-sand it. No matter what there is one thing we can all agree on.... DON'T CLEAR COAT OVER PATINA!!  **Affiliate Links Below**


Sanding The Surface 

When it comes to wet-sanding patina you need to take your time. Picking the best grit of paper and the best method to bring out the best finish on your factory paint.  The best method we have found is to start with a fairly aggressive grit, then work your way up through the grits until you reach 2000 grit.  

800  > 1000 > 1500 > 2000 

We recommend the Dura-Gold brand on Amazon for a professional and cost effective option for sand paper. 

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Hook & Loop


Cut & Buff 

Once you work your way through the Grits of sand paper you should be left with a smooth surface that still has all the beautiful imperfections that make up a perfect patina paint job. But now with the super smooth surface you can now move to what we call CUT AND BUFF.  We swear by Griots Garage products and their correction cream and their show car wax are perfect for this.  If you find your self with a good amount of scratches or swirls the fast correction cream may be better to start with.  The Griots G9 buffer makes short work of these applications.